• Category: Website translation, administration and SEO optimization
  • Client: Paketestation
  • Project Date: September 23, 2022
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Project Information:

Paketstation - Receive your parcels without contacting your courier The Paketstation is a large parcel box that you can place next to your house. It acts as your own parcel acceptance point. You don't have to wait for a courier or drive to pick them up. Your package will be waiting for you at home! It is important that it is protected from thieves and bad weather.

Our services for
◉ 172 pages translated into 16 different languages
◉ SEO optimization and website management
◉ Product editing as well as translation


  • Category: Website project, translation, management, design and optimization
  • Client: HouseOut
  • Project Date: October 12, 2022

Project Information:

We want you to be able to successfully manage or sell your property. Our services and property management solutions make it easy and efficient to rent or sell any home or apartment. So you can concentrate on the essentials and successfully manage your property.

Our services to HouseOut:
◉ Pages translated into different languages
◉ SEO optimization and website management
◉ Web design as well as logo design